Francisco Antonio DeFlora IV

Thieves' Guild -"Crow"


Age: 23
Male Swashbuckler
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 155lbs
Hair: Dark Brown/Black
Eyes: Deep blue
Size: Medium
Speed: 6


Francisco Antonio DeFlora IV was born 23 years ago along with his twin brother Sergio in the Eastern District of Bagra to Francisco DeFlora III and his wife Maria Sorccio, who sadly died just three years later. For the early years of his life, Francisco had a pretty privileged existence; roof over his head, warm home, and food cooking on the hearth. This was due to the fact that his father was the de facto leader of the entire DeFlora clan, one of the 5 Great Families of Bagra. Times were peaceful then. But over time, the 5 Families began to fall out of favor with the public, losing influence and respect. The DeFlora family was no exception to this phenomenon, and they were in turn bankrupt and homeless. Francisco Sr. saw that his only chance to save his family was to cash in on the favor the Thieves’ Guild owed him. The Guild took the exhausted DeFlora family into the fold, and for the next 7 years the twins and Francisco Sr. learned to steal the things they were once entitled to. The DeFlora family was once again significant to the public, but this time as the greatest thieves Bagra had ever seen.
p. Francisco’s life was irreparably changed one rainy night while on a routine breaking and entering job with his father and Sergio. Upon exiting the house they had robbed, they were confronted by Mortren Ral and his son Vygon. The pair promptly tried to arrest Francisco Sr.. Refusing to go quietly, he produced his shortsword and told his sons to stand back. Instead of fighting himself, Mortren instructed his son to fight in his place. Francisco Sr. died in the ensuing duel after being stabbed through the chest and tossed aside into the gutter at the hands of Vygon Ral. The twins had just witnessed their father die with their own eyes at just 13 years old. Enraged, the young Francisco took up his father’s broken sword and charged at Vygon. The vastly more experienced Ral easily blocked this, and gave Francisco a slash across the chest for his trouble. The last thing Francisco saw before blacking out was the rain pouring from the sky.
p. Upon waking up hours later, Francisco briefly forgot what had happened until he saw the bandaged wound on his chest. Visions of the night flashed before his eyes, and Francisco began feeling two distinct emotions: sadness, of course, but to an even greater degree determination. After he had healed, Francisco began training even more rigorously than before, occasionally going days without sleeping. He had to become stealthy, cunning, and strong enough to achieve his life’s two new goals: Restore glory to the DeFlora family name, and kill Vygon Ral. Now 23 years old, Francisco is a high ranking member of the Thieves’ Guild and one of the best thieves in all of Rovlen, second only maybe to Sergio. Armed with his rapier, buckler, and sharp wit, Francisco will stop at nothing to achieve those goals. And with the help of his brother, he just might do it.

Francisco Antonio DeFlora IV

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