Inquisitor Elenora Kercher

Inquisitor for King Lantros Kazir


Elanora Melania Kercher is a human inquisitor from the city of Kazir, Rovlen. She is known for her icy, manipulative demeanor, intensive focus, and outstanding prowess from her recent graduation from the Inquisitor’’s Academy.

Appearance and Personality

Elanora is roughly 5’7" and 140 pounds. She has a stocky, strong frame, with very light, pale skin and blue grey eyes. Her hair is light brown, kept into a pixie cut. While attractive by conventional standards, she does not wear makeup or focus on the fine details of her appearance. She is fairly prone to common colds, but does her best to keep in acceptable shape, training whenever something isn’t in her focus.

Eleanor appears aloof and stoic, from facial expressions, (or lack thereof, usually) to posture and speech patterns. She has little time for gaudy displays of fashion, wordplay, or festivities, and loathes social scenes, only attending if it is crucial to her own advancement. Despite this, she is easily flattered and loves praise, especially in regards to her skills.

Family and Acquaintances

Elanora is the daughter of Counsellor Mothias Roderick Elzoste Kercher (pronounced el-ZOS-teh)

Inquisitor Elenora Kercher

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