John Forester / Jora Zovka

Ranger of the Danak Forest and Member of The IronOath


Height: ‘5"11
Hair color: black
Eye color: a darkened teal
Skin color: tanned
Book 1 Age: 25 Book 2 Age: 30
Jora Zovka is best described as looking as if the forest has swallowed him whole. With long scruff hair and a unkempt beard he looks as if he were a hermit of the forest. But don’t let his uncouth demeanor fool you he is deadly with his blades and will to follow his deities bidding.


Jora zovka was Raised by his mother, Veshim Zovka on the border of the Rovlen and Boggra. He was trained in the way of a hunter and as a assassin, as he reached the age of 12 he left his mother to find his father . His Father, Daven Forester a traveling merchant around the cities of Rovlen. He tried to teach Jora to be a merchant though that was never his strong suit. This was the cause of Jora spent time training with the guards of his fathers caravan. The guards changes Jora Zovka name to his more Rovlen name John Forester. eventual becoming a guard for his caravan. At the age of 21 the now John Forester he left the caravan and his father to go do his own thing heading to menkith to escape the debauchery of his father. Jora found comfort within the forest of menkith and met a powerful friend and teacher Cressida druid of the White Wolf, who taught Jora\John the power of natural magic. He also during his time met his companion Lya a white wolf. As time when on Cressida gave John his cold iron sword and sent him to commune with nature. In the time he stayed in Menkith he met the prince Leo and joined him on his quest to find his sister.
Along John’s journey with the band of Iron Oath traumaticly John lost his best friend and loyal companion, Lya well the party fought a stone troll the orc army was using as a decoy on the town of Menkith. Fuelled by his need for vengeance the God of Death came to John and told him he could get his dog back if he does a task a previous version of himself failed to do.

John Forester / Jora Zovka

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