Legends of Rovlen

Book 1: The IronOath


Prince Leo Ophian is sent on a quest to find his sister, Lilith, who had mysteriously disappeared on her way to Menkith, by his father Lord Krenim Ophian. Leo arrives in Menkith and spends a few weeks training under Sir Emmanuel Mann at the Hunter’s Retreat tavern. Leo meets John Forrester, a ranger of Southern Vulgosi accompanied by his wolf (Lya). John is apprehensive about joining Leo on his quest at first, but comes around. Soon after John joins Leo, they receive word from Sir Reginald, Leo’s mentor from childhood, that a man named Atamusk and a woman named Remi would be joining them in a week. Leo and John waiting for their arrival at the Hunter’s Retreat.


Chapter 1: To Forge The Oath

  • Atamusk and Remi arrived at the Hunter’s Retreat to meet with Leo and John.
  • The group meets a man named Corvik who tells them of a Troll spotted North of Menkith. Says it ate his dog and he would be willing to pay them to kill it, avenging his dog.
  • Sir Emmanuel asks the group to travel north to scout the area and report any unusual activities. He tells Leo he believes there may be Orcs to the north.
  • The group travels to the northern parts of the Danak Forest and make their way to the Andé Pass, where they spotted a few Orcs making their way north. Coming from the direction they were fleeing, the group spots smoke. They head in the direction of the smoke.
  • When they arrive at the origin of the smoke, they see a ransacked farmstead [Montif Farm]. They investigate the farm only to find a few dead humans and a few slaughtered farm animals outside.
  • When they enter the house, they discover a wounded Orc. They attempt to interrogate the Orc, but can’t understand what the language it is speaking and eventually put an end to the Orc.
  • Upon further investigation of the farm, they discover a woman [Lydia Montif] who survived the raid. She tells them that the Orcs came in the night and slaughtered everyone. She tells them her husband sacrificed himself so she could survive. After giving her a moment to mourn her slain husband, she accompanies the group back to town.
  • On their way back to town, the group sets up camp.
  • After visiting for a bit, Lydia goes to use the bathroom. She’s gone for a few minutes when the group hears a scream. When the group goes to see who screamed, suspecting it was Lydia, they discover her torn in half by a Rock Troll. The Rock Troll sees the group with their torches and begins to chase them. They eventually escape the Troll, but not after suffering some attacks from the massive beast.
  • The group returns to town to tell Sir Emmanuel of what they discovered. Sir Emmanuel seems distraught at their discovery and gathers a local militia to take down the Troll.
  • While waiting for Sir Emmanuel to gather his militia, the group travels to the Lumber & Slumber Inn.
  • While at the Lumber & Slumber, the group meets a man by the name of Milyarvos and some other locals [Telkar, Auciell Dringe, Ellel, Jugar].
  • The group travels to the local blacksmith [Flint Lockwood] to get their armor improved.
    *After gather his local militia, made up of mainly elderly veterans, and a ballista to take out the Troll. Their plan is to pin down the Troll until sunrise, which would turn the creature to stone. Sir Emmanuel pulled Leo aside telling him that he was suspicious that the Orcs were behind the Troll being near Menkith.
  • The group and the militia make their way to a ravine where they awaited the Troll. The group used a cloth the Troll had scented after its attack on the group.
  • During their fight with the Rock Troll, the group and militia are ambushed by a small raiding party of Orcs.
  • The group fights off the Orcs and eventually slay the Troll, but suffer a casualty with Lya being slain.
  • John morns the loss of his friend and the group returns to Menkith.

Chapter 2: Orc Prepping

  • The group returns to Menkith to warn the council of the impending Orc invasion to the north. The council heeds the words of Sir Emmanuel Mann and Prince Leo Ophian. The council asks Prince Leo to return to his father and ask for his assistance against the Orc invasion. Leo promises to return and save their town. In exchange for his help, the council offers Leo and his group almost 5,000g to assist them on their journey.
  • The council begins prepping the town for a defense against the Orc invasion while the group gathers their things to leave for the capital of the Ophian province, Slenkuthé.
  • While they wait at the Lumber & Slumber, the group meets a priest by the name of Vearn who follows Lithian, the Goddess of Healing and Life. Vearn joins the group on their journey. The group is also accompanied by Milyarvos, a oddly wealthy man who seems very charming. Milyarvos offers to pay for their carriage ride to the capital in exchange for the group’s protection.
  • The group gets their armor from Flint.
  • Remi decides to stay and help defend the town. The group leaves for Slenkuthé, saying their good-byes, hoping this won’t be the last time they see each other.

Chapter 3: “I Am Kazarack!”

  • The group arrives at the capital and take the time to rest at The Frothing Maid Inn. They choose the inn to remain low-key while in the city in order to not draw as much attention to themselves.
  • That night, Leo is visited by apparition of a warlock who reveals himself to be Kazarack, the leader of the Orc army. Kazarack explains that he can give the prince his sister’s location if he stops attempting to stop his reclaim of Menkith. Leo refuses and Kazrack tells him he will pay for his insolence. Kazarack’s apparition disappears and Leo is left with a feeling of dread.
  • The next morning at the Inn, Leo spots a rouge-ish looking man with what he believes to be his sister’s pendant. Leo and John pursue the man through the city, but unfortunately this ends in disaster when the man falls to his death after slipping while climbing a building.
  • The man was carrying a journal written in a strange language along with a bird feather, so the group takes it with them and make their way to the House Ophian castle.
  • The group arrives at the House Ophian castle only to be greeted by Sir Reginald, who tells them that Lord Krenim Ophian has traveled to House Pharu to ask the Elves for help in the fight against the Orcs. Sir Reginald insists that the group spends the night at the castle, as well as help themselves to the banquet prepared for the arriving guests from the Southern Vulgosi provinces.
  • While attending the banquet, Leo meets a Vulgosi man by the name of Mankos. Mankos pulls the prince aside to tell him of his knowledge of the Orcs and the warlock Kazarack. Mankos explains that Kazarack has traveled from deep underground from the planes of the Abyss and brought his army with him. He explains that Kazarack is a follower of Volgas, The God of Wrath and Destruction. He tells him to meet him in the library later in the night.
  • During this time, Vearn is plagued with visions of a face and strange voices while John suffers a similar fate, except he keeps seeing his reflection as a dead version of himself.
  • Before everyone heads to bed, Mankos brings them to the library, where he opens a secret portal to a temporal rift in space between the dimensions of the Gods. He only brings Leo with him while he enters this plane. Mankos shows Leo the 12 Books of Fate, but two of them are missing: The Book of Chaos and The Book of Power. He tells Leo that he believes Kazarack may have taken them and that is how he managed to escape the Abyss. They then return to the Material Plane.
  • After returning, Mankos tells Leo that he will travel to his teacher [Zenotur Thend] in the Southern Vulgosi province and tell him of Kazarack’s scheme. As he finishes telling Leo of this, he is slain by a shadowy form of Kazarack. The shadow creature disappears soon after Mankos falls. The group retires to their quarters to recover from the events of the night.
  • Throughout the night, different members of the group are visited by aspects of different deities.
  • John is visited by the God of Death, Dazuun, who tells him that he will return his slain wolf’s spirit if he kills the Lich near the city of Flento and destroys the Cult of Aelithius.
  • Vearn is visited by the God of Shadows, Maanka, who tells him that Kazarack is not actually a follower of Volgus, but a puppet of the Goddess of Deception, Azula. He tells Vearn that Kazarack looks to acquire the Staff of Arikatos, which would allow him to travel in between dimensions, which included all the realms of the Gods. The staff is separated into three pieces and he would need someone with the blood of House Ophian to acquire all the pieces.
  • Leo is awoken from his sleep and drawn to a secret door behind his father’s throne. When he enters the door he discovers a temple built under the castle. In the temple, he faces an animated statue that wound his face, but ceases combat after he had bled. Leo is visited by the spirit of the God of Justice, Leotis, for which he was named. The God grants him the power of his father’s blade, Isglathia, to slay Kazarack. Leotis tells the prince that his family had sealed the Orcs away in the mountains centuries ago in a great battle that drove them underground and Kazarack seeks revenge on the Ophian family for locking his people away.
  • Leo returns to his chambers and the group recuperates until the morning.

Chapter 4: The Crows and The IronOath

  • The next morning, Leo told the group they would be known as “The IronOath”.
  • Before leaving, Sir Reginald asked for Leo’s assistance in finding the whereabouts of a group calling themselves “The Crows” in Slenkuthé. Leo agreed to help.
  • The IronOath returned to Slenkuthé and go to The Frothing Maid to check in on their friend Milyarvos. When they arrive at the Inn, they see the Slenkuthé Police force surrounding the building. Leo talks to Inspector Auditosh, who tells him that there were multiple dead bodies discovered in one of the rooms where it looked like a fight took place. Leo discovers the room belonged to Milyarvos, but his body was not one of the dead bodies.
  • After talking to the Inspector and answering a few questions as to their whereabouts for the last few days, they cleared of any possible charges, but are asked to find Milyarvos for questioning.
  • As Leo finishes answering the questions, he and John spot a man, dressed in similar garb as the one who had his sister’s pendant, standing in the crowd. They pursue the man through the town and eventually only John manages to catch up to the man on a rooftop where they began to have a sword duel. The duel ends with John dropping his sword and the thief escaping. Upon the thief’s escape, John discovers a second feather and a letter left behind.
  • The IronOath makes their way to the library where they have the journal deciphered by the local master of languages. The journal reveals that the group they were being stalked by is known as The Crows. The letter is revealed to be a message to Leo asking him to come alone to The Crows hideout in the sewers.
  • After traversing the sewers, Leo meets with Adothi, the leader of The Crows. Adothi reveals that The Crows are a vigilante group looking to put Slenkuthé back in the hand of the common people instead of the “corrupt” police. Adothi also reveals his distrust and dislike for the Ophian family. Adothi warns Leo that Milyarvos is not to be trusted and that he should stay out of The Crows way in exchange for information on his sister. Leo agrees with Adothi and Adothi tell him that his sister is with Kazarack. Leo and Adothi part ways after their conversation, with neither giving the other entirely what they want.
  • When Leo returns to the others, they travel the city looking for Milyarvos. They gather information on his whereabouts from the locals and find out he is in a less reputable part of town at the Iron Gut tavern. The IronOath makes their way to the tavern to find Milyarvos as a drunken mess. The group has trouble getting him to come with, until John incapacitates Milyarvos with a punch.
  • John takes Milyarvos out of town, to keep Milyarvos hidden from the guards and police searching for him, while the others travel to the Arcanium Vault to ask about the Staff of Arikatos. When they arrive and ask about the staff, one of the Templars allows only Leo to enter with him. While traveling down the stairs, the Templar informs Leo that he may be part of something bigger than he understands. He tells Leo “Only one of Ophian blood, or someone who has dedicated their lives to guarding the vault, may enter the chamber”. When they arrive in the antechamber of the vault, Leo sees many drawers in a bank-like vault room. The Templar explains that some of the most powerful items in Dalethia exist in this vault, which is located in another realm. The stairs act as a type of portal to enter the realm. Leo asks to see the staff piece and the Templar shows him. He asks him to put it back and to keep a close eye on it. The Templar informs Leo that Kazarack is a powerful warlock from the Abyss and should not be underestimated.
  • When Leo leaves the vault, the group feels as though only a second had past in their time. Leo lets the group know they are traveling to Flento to make sure the other piece of the staff will be safe.
  • John sets up a camp while waiting for the others to join him. While he is turned away for a moment, Milyarvos escapes, taking some of John’s equipment. It appeared that Milyarvos was faking his intoxication. Johns meets with the group and they return to the inn for the night.
  • The next morning, the group is informed by the Inspector that the piece of the staff was stolen from the vault last night. The group and Inspector suspect Milyarvos. The group decides to make haste and embark on their journey to Flento.

Chapter 5: Iron Meets Snow

  • The IronOath travels towards Flento with help of Stuvo Carriages. On their way, they stop at the Musty Stump Inn in the town of Nashra. While here, they encounter a man claiming that his village was slaughtered by Shil invaders just to the west. The IronOath decides to investigate after brief rest. They are assisted by some of the survivors of the attack.
  • When the IronOath and villagers arrive at the village [Chorik], they find some of the victims of the attack hanging from trees as a display to trespassers, as well as parts of the village on fire.
  • The group tries to stealthily approach, but are spotted by some of the invaders. They engage in a brief battle leaving most of the villagers dead. The remaining villagers retreat to Nashra, while the IronOath pushes forward.

Chapter 6: Welcome To Flento

Chapter 7: Payback

Chapter 8: The Tide Turns

Chapter 9: Striking at The Heart

Chapter 10: The End of Kazarack


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