Lawrence "Lor" Ax

Human Wood Shaman


Age: 20
Human Wood Shaman
Height: 6’8"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Light Brown
Size: Medium
Speed 6


Lawrence “Lor” Ax was born 20 years ago into the ruling family of Veet to Baron Thomas Ax and Baroness Julia Ax. From birth Lor was largely kept secret and isolated from other people other than the royal court of King Lantros Kazir and the help, this was largely due to his strange floral looks, rather fragile appearance, and poor immune system. This isolation prevented Lor from establishing many relationships outside of his parents and the help, as a result he spent most of his time playing with his father’s collection of strange organisms. It was during one of these play sessions he befriended a Petrifern, which he affectionately called Root. It was this friendship that helped foster Lor’s innate magical talent and improve his health.
However, his parents’ reactions to his improved health and newly awoken magical talent were mixed. His mother was happy with the sudden improvement in her son’s health, but was highly distrustful of his magic so she started to occupy his time with lessons on customs and politics of the royal court. On the other hand, his father was the happiest Lor had ever seen him and actively encouraged him to practice magic, and allowed Lor to keep Root as a pet. However, Lor’s father slowly became more and more secretive towards him. This eventually led to Lor and his father becoming more distant until Lor turned 18.
It was at this age Lor found out the reason why his parents acted the way that they did. It was a stormy summer night and he overheard him mother and father arguing about him. Apparently Lor was set to be betrothed to the third daughter of House Nurano by his mother to increase the family standing. This led to some conflict with Lor’s father who was planning on using Lor’s magical abilities to settle a grudge against the thief Milyarvos, who stole a magical family heirloom. Lor didn’t like the idea of being treated as a tool to increase influence or as a weapon of vengeance, so he did the only sensible thing he could, run. He grabbed Root, a spare set of clothes, some money out of his family’s vault, and some food then set off into the night after writing a goodbye to his parents.
During his travels, his power grew due to the connection he now had with the land and the people of it, and found that he could temporarily use the powers of other spirits. He was able to live off the money taken from his family for two years, but grew weary from his travels so he bought a cabin on the shores of Lake Tergen with the last of the money he took from his family. While buying the deed to the cabin he met Vygon Ral, noticing Lor’s strange floral appearance he offered Lor a job as the Warden of the forest outside of Bagra. With the last of his money spent on the cabin, Lor accepted Vygon’s offer to protect the forest around Bagra. One day while coming back from patrolling the forest for poachers Lor found the thief Lan Crux in his cabin. Capturing the thief after a brief altercation, he then brought him to Vygon. After returning from delivering the thief he found much to his dismay that his cabin had been vandalized, the cabin had a broken window and large hole in the back wall. He also found blood and bodies strewn around his cabin.
Now in the present while out on patrol Lor hears an explosion coming from the direction of Lake Tergen and quickly moves to the shoreline to see a red dragon burst out of the lake towards Bagra. This sight shook Lor as he had only ever read about such a beast in his father’s library. However, Lor made his way to Bagra to defend his new home from the beast, but was too late. By time he arrived Bagra had already been destroyed and the beast was nowhere to be found. He did however see a group of people standing amid the now ruined city, and started to approach the group.

Lawrence "Lor" Ax

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