Lord Krenim Ophian

Ruler of House Ophian


190lbs (Muscular)
Peppered black/grey hair and black beard
Dark blue eyes
Light complexion

Age: 53 (Book 1) 58 (Book 2)

  • Born to Alkar Ophian and Eidis Granvel
  • Served in the Ophian military before becoming lord of House Ophian.
  • Current ruler of House Ophian.
  • Fought in the Eastern Kingdoms War against the Shil invaders.
  • Suffered a wound on the battlefield that slow him in combat.
  • United the three eastern houses against the Shil to win the war.
  • Referred to by the people of the eastern kingdom of Rovlen as the rightful King of Rovlen.
  • Disowned his son Peratos for being a slacker and a drunkard.

Eldra [Mikev] Ophian (Wife)
Peratos Ophian (Son)
Prince Leo Ophian (Son)
Lilith Ophian (Daughter)

Lord Krenim Ophian

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