Millawi Odean

Fearsome Defender Barbarian


5’11 185lbs (lean athletic build), short black hair, bears an arrow scar on his back that was obviously poisoned, bears the creed of the Tomb Keepers tattooed on his right arm and the names of his fallen comrades on his left, high respect for the dead and extreme hatred for undead/necromancy, despises the looting of corpses for anything other than money (currency is only used in this life and not the next), has a general distaste for hunters due to his past.


Character background for Millawi Odeon.

A Vulgosi of the Hallowed Circle clan, Millawi’s life was one of struggle from the beginning. His clan was constantly under attack by multiple adversaries From renegade orcs, other vulgosi clans fighting for supremecy, or most commonly and most troublesome…necromancers seeking to raid the clan’s ancestral tomb looking to fill their decrepit ranks with the honored dead. These necromancers posed such a threat that the clan devoted a portion of their people to protecting these sacred grounds, dubbing them “Tomb Keepers”. This title and honor does not come without a price though, as in order to devote themselves to their role in life they must sacrifice all ties to family and their clan.

At the age of twelve, children of the clan are taken to the tomb for a week to live among the current order of Keepers in order to test their resolve and aptitude for joining their ranks. Only a select few are deemed worthy and capable of being accepted among Keepers, and even fewer yet are willing. Upon the completion of their trial, they return to the clan to meet with the chieftain in order to discuss their experience and furthermore, their role in the Hallowed Circle. Most children aren’t the same people they were before their trial, as the tomb is not for the weak of heart.

When Millawi returned from the tomb after his trial and met with the chieftain, he informed him that he found peace and honor among the Keepers and that he wished to return to them, that the tomb felt inviting and deserving of his protection. " My family lies more than within the clan encampment, but also within that sacred place of honor with those who gave their lives for us. I feel it my place to devote my life to them, to protect the peace they have earned." The boy spoke to the chieftain as if he were already one of the Keepers, and man took the boy before the rest of the clan later that night to proclaim that he would be the newest member of the Tomb Keepers.

“Before you begin your life among your brethren, we must take you to “her” first. She will perform a sacred ritual that will forever change you, but fear not as you are more ready for this than any other that I have seen." They approached a small encampment looking long abandoned when the man spoke again, “This is where we part ways. Don’t be troubled with finding her, she will find you. When you leave this place you will no longer remember any of us from the encampment, for we will no longer be of your concern. This is how it always is for Keepers, your family is within the tomb now. I am proud to bring you here, when next we meet you will be the one to watch over me, son.” With those final words the chieftain turned and began walking back the way they came and Millawi heard a shrill voice echoing through the deserted camp, almost as if it belonged to a haunting spirit.

“It appears as though Malachi has brought his own spawn to be initiated this time…how interesting. This will prove to be most intriguing indeed. Do you know who I am boy?” The voice was quickly cut short by the boy in a harsh tone. “Does it matter if I know you? I have no patience for meaningless prattle, what am I here for?” The voice returned, this time from behind him “The boy speaks as if he is a man…you truly are his flesh and blood, but still yet a neophyte. What I am about to do unto you will erase your family and kinsmen from your life boy. Your past will be no more and you will belong to the past of those who lived long before you young one. You will know no love, no family of your own, nor will you know anything but your purpose as the guardian of the dead from those who would defile their eternal slumber. Are you are you wish to do this boy?” The boy remained silent and stared at the woman with an expression of stone for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, the boy nodded and with one word he chose his fate, “begin”.

When next the boy woke, he was laying on a bedroll within stone walls. There was a plate of food next to him as he sat wondering " Where am I? Wait, I recognize this room…this is the tomb" he thought to himself. He ventured out to the hallway and continued to a dining hall where he saw his new family, although he could not recognize who they were…only what they were. “The young one arises, and not a moment to soon either!” A large man was sitting at the table pointing toward him, “look brothers, the newest member of the Tomb Keepers has joined us for his first meal.” He slid a plate down the table “Eat boy, you’ve been unconscious for three days now. Your body needs all you can take in. You will sit there from now on next to Korik. Korik there is a hunter of exceptional skill if I do say so myself, no idea where he finds these animals nor how he cooks them so nicely but life has gotten tastier since he joined us those three years ago.”

As time passed Millawi learned just what it meant to be a Tomb Keeper, selfless dedication to the ancestors. Many times they had been attacked over the three years he had been among them, and through years of battles only one man had fallen. Millawi was charged with watching over the tomb in his stead on the night watch alongside Korik, who had taken a particular liking to him. Over those following years the two of them formed a brotherly bond, and began to trade stories of what their battles looked like from their points of view.

Four years had passed by since the day Millawi had stood before his father, the chieftain, and proclaimed his desire to protect the sanctity of the dead. One day, over dinnertime conversation, Korik had started to look troubled about something. “What’s the matter Korik? You look as though you’ve seen a ghost, which given this place seems quite likely!” He laughed as he spoke, but the mood quickly changed with Korik’s response. “Millawi, do you ever feel like you’re remembering things from another life?” Millawi looked puzzled “What are you talking about Korik? Like a dream? Of course I have dreams, who doesn’t?” Korik’s face grew ever more serious, “Not dreams, memories of yourself with people you can’t recognize. Almost as if they were real people that you should know, from so long ago., I remember things , friend, that couldn’t have possibly happened but I know they did…I can feel it. I had a family, outside of these walls, and a clan to belong to. We were free, not just living in some decrepit prison for the damned…never mind my prattle, its time for our watch.” That night Millawi stood uneasy, thinking of what Korik had said when he heard Korik whisper to him “I think I heard something over there in the distance, I’m going to take a look.” He returned much later and looked even more troubled than before, “I was right, brother…they’re not dreams.”

The next day at dinner, Korik seemed his old self again. Everybody around the dining hall seemed to be in great spirits as a matter of fact. Korik brought out his latest kill from the fire spit and everybody began to praise his skills as usual. Korik brought Millawi his plate as he sat down in front of him, “I’m sorry for troubling you yesterday friend. Let us forget about such nonsense. Here, enjoy my finest work yet!” Millawi with his mouth full and his eyes wide spoke “This truly is your first work brother! Most impressive, but where did you find such a delicious beast?” Korik’s head sank down and his voice lowered “forgive me brother…” His voice quieted to a mumble and Millawi felt his body growing weak. Suddenly the men sprang up from their seats, weapons in hand charging towards the door. The last thing he saw as everything faded was Korik screaming why looked like the statement “We’re being raided!”

When he came to, Millawi was still feeling heavy and groggy as his senses returned to him. Then he heard a voice at the entrance, “Damn you! How could you!” He reached for his weapon but it was gone, “I am unarmed in the middle of a raid after falling unconscious…this is all too easy to see! The others!” He ran to the entrance only to see Korik firing upon the Keepers, standing beside a horde of skeletal warriors and ghouls. He though to himself “He knows no magic…who could be behind this…and where is he!? Damn that Korik! He was our brother, how could he do this!?” His mind began to grow hazy and his anger roiled beyond control. He instinctively ran to the back if the tomb, to the first chieftain’s resting place. He reached onto the altar for the fallen hero’s weapon, the name Cryptmaker engraved below it. “Forgive me, but I have a greater need for this than you at this time. To protect you, I will need your help after all…grant me this.” He ran to the entrance where the last of the Keepers was falling to his knees, clutching his chest where an arrow had pierced it. “I’m too late!” He screamed as he climbed the stairs at full sprint. He emerged to see Korik aiming an arrow at him, “you should have stayed dead my friend” he said staring directly at him. “If we can no longer protect them ourselves, there’s only one thing left to do!” Millawi turned to the entrance and swung with all his might against the stone as he let out a cry "They will retain their peace! The walls came crashing inward on the tomb and Millawi felt an arrow pierce into his back, “Damn you, I will find you and you will…pay…for this” he said as he fell.

He woke days later, still clutching his ancestor’s Bec de Corbin. Screaming in anger and pain he ripped the arrow from his back, “Korik…I know not where you are nor who you betrayed us with…but I will find the lot of you, and I will kill you all.” He began to wander into the distance not knowing where anything lies nor where to begin. “My home, my purpose, is lost. My only family, killed. Only I am left now…this way should eventually lead me somewhere. I will have my vengeance, with Cryptmaker at my side I will restore the honor of the Tomb Keepers! Only then can I die.”

Millawi spent nearly a decade wandering the world in search of Korik, never able to find his former comrade. Only a few times had he picked up on the trail, but each time he thought he had found his vengeance he was met only with disappointment. “Everywhere I chase him he leaves behind him nothing but these wretched undead. How could you turn your back on your duty so far to walk with those who mock the honor and peace of death?”

After eight years of searching, Millawi came upon a young man who was enlisting help in search of a lich of great renown. The man identified himself as Jon Forester. Millawi told him about his past and his search for Korik, to which Jon had offered his help in finding this ghost of his past if he would allow Jon to call upon him to help him bring an end to this plague of undeath that torments the world. “Any who would desecrate this world by dishonoring the dead are forever my enemy as well as yours. Cryptmaker and I shall assist you in your times of need, all you need do is call on me and I shall bring a fearsome end to these vermin. Korik is but a pawn of these filth, and it will be his undoing when his allies of undeath lead me to him.”

Millawi Odean

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